Some of you may have had difficulties accessing the website recently, and received a potentially alarming security alert.  Our website developer has checked the issue and confirms that there has not been any attempted breach of website security.  The website’s SSL certificate (certification of website security) was in the process of being renewed on 5th/6th of February and this process caused the security message to be generated.  All is now well, and the website should be accessible in the normal way.

Further checking of the previously reported ‘hack’ of some Committee members’ email addresses (in particular the Chair’s) confirms that there has been no ‘hack’.  Someone appears to have used the published email address on the contacts page of the website and then ‘pretended’ to send a message from that person.  This was done in rather a crude manner and showed alongside the purported sender’s name a non-HOC email address.  This incident does however highlight the need to treat all email messages purporting to come from HOC Committee members with due caution, and if anything appears odd in the email address or the content of the email, or the message contains links that cannot be ascertained, DO NOT OPEN IT.