Herefordshire Bird Watching

Herefordshire Ornithological Club

The Club came into being on 22nd April 1950, at the instigation of Dr Charles W Walker MC and the first field meeting was held at Dinmore Manor on 7th May.

Until 1988 the geographical area of the Club comprised Herefordshire and Radnorshire. From those early beginnings the Club has grown to more than 300 members, who have a particular interest in birds, but also in other wildlife and conservation.

The avifauna of Herefordshire has inevitably changed since the formation of the Club and rarely for the better. By the constant efforts of its members, the Club monitors the status of birdlife in the County. Many members (and non-members) submit bird records to BTO BirdTrack. These records are summarised in the Birds of Herefordshire annual reports.

Information on Club activities, including field and indoor meetings is accessible through this website and via the quarterly Newsletter.

Gerald Wells
Chair HOC