Herefordshire Bird Watching 31


The collective records of birds seen in Herefordshire determine the status of birds in the county, and thereby contribute to surveys, inform conservation and management decisions and support responses to planning applications. The records also form the basis of the club’s annual report. We encourage the submission of records of all species including common ones, but complete lists of all the birds seen at a particular location are particularly valuable. The records are held on a secure national database called BirdTrack managed by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) and through this contribute to the national picture of the status of birds in Britain. See We encourage all members with computers to enter their records directly on to BirdTrack; the database is easy to use and very intuitive. Once entered you can easily access your own data. Enter your records here. Please do not send email records unless they relate to a rare or unusual bird as transcribing large numbers of such records to electronic format is very time consuming.

Report A Rarity

If you see a county rarity please inform the Recorder or phone 07587 151627 as soon as possible.
Records of rare birds require supporting evidence. If possible, get other experienced HOC members to corroborate your observation. Try and obtain photographic or video evidence as this will greatly assist the documentation of rare or unusual birds. The Recorder will advise you on steps to be taken.