The bird id course scheduled for 1st May had to be cancelled for unavoidable reasons.  Fortunately, HOC member Dan Webb has offered to run an id course at Sellack on 15th June.
The course will start at 09:00 and finish around 13:00.  The cost will be £15 (including coffee/tea/biscuits etc).  There will be a maximum group size of 12 and the course will focus on learning how to identify a range of birds by visual clues and calls and song.  
Dan is a first class birder, knows the birds of Sellack better than anyone and is an excellent communicator and teacher.  He assures us that there will be plenty of birds to see on 15th June, even if there is less song evident than there would have been in May. If the course is successful, Dan may be able to offer other similar courses for the Club in the future. 
Priority will be given to those who signed up for the course on 1st May, but there will be a few spare places.  Please contact Robert Taylor at as soon as possible to express interest, if you haven’t already done so.