Welcome to the Herefordshire Ornithological Club

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Welcome to the Herefordshire Ornithological Club

The Herefordshire Ornithological Club promotes education and the study of wild birds and their conservation in Herefordshire. Anyone interested in birds and bird watching is welcome: student or adult, beginner or expert, local patch enthusiast, professional ornithologist or freelance consultant. Pursue your hobby and interest in birds with like-minded people and join us at indoor meetings held between September and March at Holmer Parish Hall, Hereford and field trips held throughout the year.

The Club supports conservation through a small-grants conservation fund and by contributing to local and national surveys. We can work with individuals and organisations seeking advice on conservation matters relating to birds.

For advice about watching birds go to the Bird Watching Code  and our FAQs page. For reporting rarities go to our Records page.

Join us and friendly help, advice and encouragement will be found in plenty whenever you need it.

Donations help support bird and habitat conservation work in the county.


Herefordshire Bird Club

We encourage the submission of all sightings that might interest or help others who watch birds throughout Herefordshire. These sightings are managed externally by a dedicated database called GoingBirding.
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We encourage all members with computers to enter their records directly on to BirdTrack. These will become the County records as well as contributing to the national database.
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