Ornithological Club


HOC Webmaster

The webmaster is Mick Colquhoun

Please direct all communications by email to

include ‘HOC website’ in the subject line.

Please submit photographs as email attachments. Send each image as a separate jpeg of 500 KB or smaller, and ensure that the total size of the email including all pictures does not exceed 5MB. Send more than one email if necessary. Please record the species, date, and location where the photograph was taken and include any other information you consider relevant. If you have a problem converting images to jpegs or other technical issues, please contact me.

By sending images you acknowledge that you took the photograph, are the copyright holder and grant the club permission for reproduction on this website.

HOC reserves the right not to publish photographs or withhold other information where publication might jeopardize the welfare of the bird.

Herefordshire Ornithological Club is a registered charity England and Wales number 1068608