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We encourage the submission of all sightings that might interest or help others who watch birds in Herefordshire. Sightings are informal reports of interesting birds that have been seen in the county and this page is primarily intended to inform others so that they might also see the bird.

These sightings are managed externally by a dedicated database that is also used by several other counties for this purpose. Registration is required the first time you enter data, thereafter data entry is straightforward. When you have finished just close the window to return to the HOC website. By submitting sightings you agree to their display in the public domain and allow HOC to use and display the data in whatever form is deemed appropriate.

Please note that photographs submitted

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HOC webmaster as well if you wish them

to be included in the gallery pages of the

HOC site.

Sightings submissions – things you might need to know

If you belatedly realise that you have made a mistake entering a sighting you can go back later and edit or delete it. Just click on ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ at the right hand side of the sighting.

Rare breeding birds (ie: most Schedule 1 species) which might breed in the county will not be viewable to other subscribers during the breeding season (usually set at March 1st to July 31st). Your sightings will go into the database but can only be seen by yourself and the County Recorder. They will be highlighted red in your list.

When you submit a sighting, only birds which are on the County list (i.e. ones which have been recorded in the County at least once) will appear on the species dropdown list. If it’s new to the county there is an option of using ‘MEGA’ (you can say what it is in the Notes field!) but better to tell the County Recorder straightaway!

If you click on the ‘Species’ tab at the top of the Sightings page you will see the complete County list. There is a rarity setting assigned to each species ranging from Abundant to Very Rare (some of these are a bit subjective and are under review) but if you are only interested in knowing about rarer sightings you can set the filter on the Bird News page to an appropriate level to just see those birds above a certain rarity level.

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